Although I can make larger or smaller coats my main sizes are:

  • 26″ small
  • 28″ medium
  • 30″ large
  • 32″ extra large
To measure:
  1. Take the length from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. Ensure the dog is standing straight, put the tape measure between the shoulder blades, starting where the neck rises from the back. Measure to where the tail starts.
  2. Please take care when measuring your dog to ensure the measurement is accurate.
  3. Your coat will be made specifically for you and I cannot accept returns unless the fault lies with GreytCoats.
Please be aware

The coat is designed to end at the base of the tail. If you prefer a coat to drape over the hind quarters please let me know and I will adjust your measurements accordingly. Don’t add this to your measurement but please tell me.

For smaller lurchers or whippets I will need some more measurements. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.