Wimbledon Greyhound welfare – There is life beyond the track

Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare is an independent charity devoted to caring for retired racing greyhounds and finding them homes. They are self-funding and rely on the kindness and generosity of their supporters and the general public

They care for approximately 40 greyhounds at their kennels in Hersham, and the majority of these are gifted to them by their owners or trainers once their racing days are over so that they have the opportunity to experience life as a family pet. However not all greyhounds are so lucky so they do step in and help those less fortunate greyhounds who are at risk.

They operate a ‘no destruction’ policy, which means that no greyhound will be put to sleep except on health grounds when there is no other option. For those greyhounds with long term medical or behavioural issues they have a sanctuary – their home for as long as they need it. They actively promote the fact that greyhounds make wonderful pets and adapt to life after racing very well.

Madaboutgreys – Surrey Dog Photographer

Grateful thanks to Liz Coleman (Madaboutgreys Photography) for her encouragement and beautiful photographs which were done at no cost to me.

And Thanks …

.. to Graham Davies for his work on my website which he did also for the love of the WGW Greyhounds