About GreytCoats

When my idea of making greyhound coats as a fund raiser for Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare became a reality, it soon became obvious it was going to take over my life.

While I was looking for the perfect fleece coat for Leah I hit on the idea of making them to sell. To be honest I couldn’t find one that had everything I required so I ‘hotch potched’ a few different designs together, refined it with the help of Denise Dubarbier at WGW and her models at the Hersham kennels and the ‘Fleece GreytCoat’ was created.

If I could source the fleece at a good price I could give all the profit to WGW and still market it at a competitive price. By January 2010 I had got the design how I wanted it, found good suppliers and Liz Coleman (Madaboutgreys Photography) did some wonderful photographs for me. We were up and running.

I have raised over £3000.00 since then and with the loyal support of my customers I hope to continue these donations into the future.

As well as the Fleece GreytCoat I also make the Ultimate GreytCoat, crafted from genuine Harris Tweed hand woven material and made to measure your hound.  ‘A truly bespoke work of art’.


 Photography courtesy of MadAboutGreys